Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making Food & Eating It...By the Docks

I am really loving the recipes over at Smitten Kitchen. The photos are fabulous and the food tastes great!

Last night I made the pesto potato salad with green beans along with fried egg sandwich with bacon & blue cheese.
We ate our delicious meal by the water and watched a beautiful sunset.

First you boil your potatoes and chop up your green beans.

Prepare your pesto ingredients.

Let your potatoes and beans cool.

Process the basil and garlic. Add olive oil, salt and pepper.

Toast up some pine nuts.

Add all that to your potatoes and beans.

Stir. I boiled my potatoes a tad too long but luckily that doesn't affect the taste!

Then I made the egg sandwiches.

And we headed to the water with one of my thrifted picnic baskets.

Husband loved it.

The dolphins came close to us for a second and then took off. This was the best shot I could get with dinner in my lap!

I love to be near the boats.

Have a great Tuesday everyone. And check out those recipes at smitten kitchen!

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  1. WOW that potato salad sounds amazing but I was a little intimidated by the process until I saw your pictures. I might have to try making it because my husband is big on potato salad. Sounds like you had a lovely end to your day.