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June 30th 2012

Brittany's Bridal Shower.  My little sister is getting married in just about 1 month. I can't believe it!
Her shower went wonderfully. It was at Sea Watch on the Ocean in Lauderdale by the Sea.

 Her entrance table was adorned with an engagement photo and a seating chart.


 No shower is complete without Mr. and Mrs. flag straws in corresponding colors!

 Lemons. We used lots of lemons! Each hurricane vase had a table number - strait from Home Depot ;)


 The favors were Martha Stewart's recipe for Rosemary Sea salt. I added a label with Brittany's name and the date of her shower.


 Aunt Lorraine, among many others, helped me with finishing touches when she arrived.

 Wreath Decor.

 The cake is on my late grandmother's milk glass cake stand. The cake recipe is my step-mother-in-law's and let me tell you, it got sooooooo many compliments! It really was fabulous and my tummy has awarded it the #1 cake I have put in my mouth to date.
The milk glass vases came from my grandmother and Husband's great Aunt...some are from thrift stores ;)

 My older sister Nicole and niece Lillian helped me find flowers at 10:30 the night before...they helped with so much I can't even get into it all. They even slept in a non-air conditioned condo on the beach the night before. What troopers!

 We gave the Bride advice on a cuttiing board. She loves to cook!

 Lillian was really focused,
There is another little sister here in the background. Also a big help that day and the day before AND she was sick! Thanks T.


The Bride and her niece Lillian.

Mrs. Franczak and my Grandma Kroncke. 
Mrs. Franczak is from Poland and is one of the nicest, sweetest women I know.

Krystyna, my Mother, Aunt Lorraine and Aunt Carole.


 My Grandmother and Mother-in-law drove down from Umatilla to attend. So glad they made it!

Travis's Mother, Grandmother and Aunt - watching the gift opening :)

Aunt Lorraine and Grandma K.

Lillian was so sweet. She was right there to assist with anything any one needed all afternoon.

Big sister Nicole was in charge of writing down gifts for correspondence.

 From me ;)

 Tiny gives her gift.

 It's a platter that her and her brother painted for the bride and groom. It has the nicknames Mitmy (Brittany) and Chi Chi (Travis) that they used to call their Aunt and Uncle when they were just a bit smaller.


 Julie was also SUCH a big help! She is a bridesmaid who arrived in town from Europe late the night before. She came early to the shower and dealt with my insanity with grace and patience. I'm so glad she will be a part of Brittany's big day.


 It was a wonderful shower. I had so much help and I am so thankful for it. Most of all I am thankful to Mom and Dad for providing a fabulous location! I know Brittany will remember it forever.

Next up: Bachelorette in the Keys!!!!!!

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