Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bacheloretting in the Florida Keys

We're back! Oh man is it hard to get back to normal after being in the Keys...
We had so much fun though!
 I had a great time getting to know Brittany's friends from college. I really can't wait to spend time with them again. I think we should make this an annual trip ;)

Here are a few of us, about to head out. Brittany's Maid of Honor and childhood friend, Angela, came all the way from California.

Here she is lookin cute in the beautiful water in front of our cottage.
I can't believe I used to babysit this girl!


 Julie - all the girls got special cups with their names on them. They were a big hit!

We brought the paddle boards. How could we not?!

 We watched a beautiful sunset the first night.

 Brittany, Heidi and Shannon.

 We did a lot of floating in the water. Angela tried to catch every crab she saw lol.

 Julie and Teresa.

 Lots of pretty colors at the Fiesta Key resort and campground.

 A step ladder right into the ocean. Love it!

 All the girls got towels too.

 We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics in our jammies.

The next day, after some exploring and scavenger hunting, we went on a sunset cruise in Marathon. We started off our celebration with some champagne :)

 Our boat.

 Heidi, Shannon and the Bride on the boat.


 Yeah I think we were meant for boating ;)

The Bride...

 And her Sperry's.

 More wine.

 Chillin on the catamaran net.


 Angela. So pretty!

 Julie is relaxed...for once!

 The ring.

 Lots of facebooking and instagraming going on.

Maid and Bride.

Heidi and Julie.

 Our sunset.

 So pretty TC!

 Heading back.

 Love these girls!

We had dinner and stayed up late talking girl talk. I can't wait to go back. Next up - Wedding Day!!