Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Disney Adventure

Last weekend we finally got to visit our friends the Yonfas, in Orlando.
We pretty much always head to Disney when we are over there because it is so awesome and we happen to be FL passholders :)

Albert had a great time playing with my new lens. I will have to tell you all about that later but it is awesome!
He took this picture below of the stars of Tangled....I have no idea where this was.

We tried to take this picture together but our height differences are drastic.

Here Carolyn and I are probably walking back from the restroom...

Pirates is a must!

We got to be in the show on the backlot tour. Very special.

Love this photo Albert took of a Mickey balloon.

We love walking the boardwalk.

Husband with the Main Street Indian.

Love this saucy look Carolyn!


Here is a game Disney fans. Its called: Where are we in Disney?
I know a couple of people who will participate in this but maybe I will be you know where we are here?

And here?

And here?

This one should be easy...?

How about here?

Sunday we were of little help to our friends who are moving. They are moving into an awesome house which is not quite ready yet. But husband and I cannot wait to play with them there!

Here are the boys painting the apartment back to its original color.

And poor Blondie - she had to chill on the porch because she wanted to help too much.

Hope your weekend was great too. More adventures to come this weekend...

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