Monday, January 10, 2011

The Last of 2010

OK only took me about a year to get a post up but here it is. Christmas 2010.

This year we were home in South FL for Christmas with my side of the family. We had a great time just being home with everyone.

This is my mother's nativity. My grandmother painted it and my grandfather made the creche.

On Christmas Eve Husband poured us some champagne :)

Here is some of the family before Christmas Eve Mass. We are always missing some...

Brittany did a lot of baking.

She made these awesome white chocolate lollipops.

Practicing my photo skills on mom and dad's Christmas tree.

Christmas morning brought us lots of presents. Here is my pops looking at the photo album I made for him and mom.

Mom opening her gifts.
Husband and I were really proud of the gift we got Brittany. She had been looking for this fenton three tiered candy stand for a long time and we found one!

Here she is about to discover this awesome gift.

See? Pretty huh? (I think we actually were more excited than she was lol)

Notice the knock hockey game behind the tree? I got that a few years ago and every time I am home for Christmas we go crazy playing it. It's hilarious.

After presents the girls start cooking and the boys do this.

Mom and Teresa starting on a pie I believe.

On to New Years....

We had a few friends over to celebrate the New Year with us this year. We had quite the feast for 6 people!

Jen and Alan came from afar to play with us.

Matt and Sarah did not...

Don't they all look cute?!

I still have a bunch of pictures to go through so there is more to come. Have a great week family and fellow bloggers.

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