Monday, February 27, 2012


We headed to Daytona this weekend for our first ever Daytona 500. Unfortunately it rained all day yesterday so the big race has been postponed.
But, we were able to see 2 other races and we had a great time camping!

Here is a view of just some of the RV campers at our campground.
We set up our tents right on the lake.

Travis and Husband always have a good time.

Mom came with us and was a happy camper!

Husband put my shell lights up for me.

Camping is a lot about food for us. Brittany and I put much thought into our delicious camp menu.
For breakfast we had sausage pancakes and fresh strawberries.

So good.

You are allowed to bring coolers into the race so, we brought Cuban sandwiches.

Saturday got fairly cold and windy but the sun was out which made it tolerable.

Brittany and Travis on the track.

The cars are lined up.

Danica's car!!!

Waiting for the drivers to come out and wave to us.

Female driver - Johanna Long.

(Can you tell I pull for the women?)

Here they come!

Danica started in the number 1 spot but wrecked pretty early. It was disappointing but a great race to watch.

Brittany got all decked out in Danica gear.
She got a lot of attention!

Lots of wrecks toward the end but everyone was OK.

It dropped in temp by the time we got back to our campsite.
Brittany brought hand warmers and we all used them. I wore my hat just like hers and slept in it too - it was so cold!

The next morning when we packed up camp, we found SPIDERS under our tents!
Thank GOD we always keep our tent zipped up but still, I am very creeped out.
We aren't sure what the brown one was...

But this one is a black widdow! AND we found 2 of them - alive and well. Ready to kill and eat us.

The first part of the day on Sunday wasn't too rainy so we walked around and checked out some of the activities they had.

I changed my first tire.

I'm ready to join a pit crew now.

Brittany and Husband climbed into this army vehicle for some photos.

We had a great weekend. We will have to watch the 500 on TV tonight but there's always next year. Thanks Uncle Bill for everything you did to get us there!!!

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